November 7, 2009
Through my mind always will flow,
images and words which create new worlds,
uncountable different worlds I could wish for.

They say that a dreamer wastes their days,
They say I should live in the world I have.

But the ability to dream is a gift,
for each dream is precious beyond belief,
so I shall live for the dreams,

and if I can, if I am able,
I shall share this gift with the world,
for I am a dreamer,
and that is the world I wish

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SilverDawn said...
Dec. 7, 2009 at 10:53 pm
Wow, great poem there! people really make fun of you for those reasons? that is really really stupid. i'm really happy to know that you're not being hard on yourself and that you can be yourself and be glad of who you are. i wish i could be your friend, and i hope those people who make fun of you go get run over by a car! you really are talented, and daydreaming is nothing to be ashamed of
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