Mr. MoreThanMeetsTheEye

November 7, 2009
By Megan Duff SILVER, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Megan Duff SILVER, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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On a bridge between city and city I see you
On foot, no bag, shades masking your tell tales
Hands in pockets, back bone firm
I know your angles
I feel them in my palms
Fingers itching to crack you open

The ball of yarn rolls
Your future its multi colored thread
Watching it, following it
Little bits of nonsense, flinch, sizzle
Your melody on repeat in my head

Out there you are more to them
Labeled, dimensional, a given
I flit in that space
Between them and you
Tucked skin tight between you and the wall you put up

Content to be absent
Storm reaches my head
Sun glinting your hair
My fingers waltz on your skin
I slash your lifeline with my brush

Oblivious to be you
You walk under and out
I grin, you fool me
The ball rolls on
An odd marking, color all my own

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