16 Arms and Legs

November 7, 2009
By Anonymous

16 arms and legs
Fill up these empty trees,
Now we’re lying on the road
And you’re laughing on your knees
You’re on your feet

And some cardboard squiggles near
Your tiny toes,
And you’re laughing hard.
You’re faking your fear.
Around a circle
This jump-rope skids
And smack,
You’re out

And feeling like a kid
In these trees you’re by now.
Let’s clog them up,
But they’re so high…
Reaching to the sky,
This sticky road
Is lined with passerby.

I don’t mean to pry,
But tonight,
Can we just leave?
The common and the plain?
Let’s just fly
Grab scooters, but don’t ask why.
It’s getting late

Fill in the space
Cram up here with the air
Feel yourself count to ten
While you check what you wear.

I will give you a hand
When you’re struggling up,
You can’t breathe.
But it’s funny,
I can’t stop laughing
While you flash the screen.

The trees illuminate
And a second goes past
Now it’s dark,
The unseen
It’s a night that will last

Falling deep between
Those thick branches
I ask:
“Can this really be true?”,
Those smiling camera beams
Bounce right back.

The author's comments:
Inspired by a night when my friends and I climbed trees, lay on sticky roads, and took crazy pictures...it was a lot of fun :) but this poem would probably make more sense to someone who was there. nevertheless..enjoy :)

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