November 7, 2009
By Anonymous

on grass still moist
from the dew of the morn'
Stare up at never-ending sky
from which blue eyes are born
Feel the earth pulse beneath you
while the trees above gently sway
Listen as the wind softly whispers the words:
"I am alive this day."

in tune with the birds
Watch as they frolic away
Laugh and follow as they flit about like sprites
asking you to join their play
Run, as though pursued,
Barefoot, without a care
Become one with that which can't be seen, only felt,
Embrace yourself with element Air.

the waves as they crash upon the land
Inhale the unique scent of brine
Let your toes bury in the sand
Smile, as the waters surround you
Captured yet so free
Floating just above the surface
lovingly carried by the sea.

your eyes in peace
Enter the realm of dreams
where truths are lies and lies are truths
Never anything as it seems
Feel the warmth upon your skin
as the sun bathes you in its rays
Listen once more as the wind again whispers:
"I am alive this day."

The author's comments:
Nature has always inspired me. That and insomnia produced this.

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