Peace, Love, and Happiness!

November 7, 2009
Happy, quiet, serene are we
Sitting together, here
Under this tall tree
No disruptions
Just us and our thoughtful discussions
We relax here at all times,
Almost everyday
But just as your phone chimes
A joyous melody
Telling you, that you must go
I think how you will be separated from me
Today I wonder more carefully
About the feelings
You may have for me
I grab you by the arm of your shirt
And you look in to my eyes
So nervously
You’re so innocent
I can’t bear to pressure you
So I let you go
Wondering what I’d ever do
If you were gone forever
As I sit here
Under the tree
I think about
Just you and me
On this perfect day
When everything’s okay
When everything’s alright
I lay my head down on the tree
Wondering if I could fall aslee-
Nah, I think I’ll stay awake
I smile, I’m at peace
I’ll even tolerate the pestering wind slapping at my cheeks
I’m in a perfect mood, as bright as can be
I’m never, ever like this
Oh, just look what you did to me

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