Phosgene Gas Heartbreak

November 6, 2009
Such a dirty game of trench warfare,
Like an evil maze to your heart
When I think I am there,
Another mud wall appears
Covered in rotting bodies
Of the ones you left behind
Getting eaten by rats ever so slowly
The smell of death and gunpowder
Burning my nose like lime
All these barriers to you
Almost rediculous in a sickening way
My head is hanging low
Drunk with fatigue
I cannot keep fighting against you
The gas you use on me
Choking me with this malevolent smile
Filling my lungs with cancerous blood
I feel as though the gas mask is far away
Too far away
Even though it is right next to me
But I give up, this mêlée is now yours
But as history flows,
I will be back to start...
My second World War.

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