Death in the family

November 6, 2009
By Anonymous

It brings you pain,
family and friends gather for it
holding hands; crying; if possible laughing,
watch and see their love ones spirit soar,
through sky as they say there last goodbye's.
It's hard to see them go only,
because you love them so.
From the good to the bad,
you'll never forget what you had.
Don't worry this isn't the last you'll see,
the Lord, is keeping them safe and sound.
They're up there making perpetrations for you,
creating your house, painting and designing it for you,
buying all your favorite cars the ones you've been waiting for also long.
There singing cheerful songs down the golden sidewalks as it comes to,
there singing for thee,
there singing for the ones they love,
so remember that the next time you hear there favorite song.
It might bring you pain but at lease,
you'll remember them each and everyday.

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