I'm here (don't you see me)

November 6, 2009
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I see you, I watch you, I think I love you
we walk past each other in the halls, don't you know
sitting in english class I always notice you drawing
you brush against me then apoligize, my heart swells
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, she touched me, I think
don't you understand how happy you make me feel
guess not because your always with him
I thought you understood how I felt about you
Oh wait, you don't even know I exist, do you...
how am I supposed to tell you I love you
you've never looked at me once, one sorry is all
when you smile my heart leaps as if it's doing a flip
Don't worry about me I'm always lonely
It's the only way I know how to love you
most people don't notice me but maybe you could a little
That would be cool if you looked at me, maybe later
remember that time you asked for coffee! yeah that was me
I saw you smiling at that guy, I always dream that was me you smiled at
then I could really show you love but for now I'll just take your order
you have really beautiful hazel eyes, oops that was me thinking
I think you have a lovely smile but I wish you could smile for me
let me be your boyfriend I could make you happy, maybe next time
can I ghave your facebook name, only one problem, I have just two friends
remember me? the guy who sits in the back thinking of you
here I'll write this all down and give it to you later
I wish I could love you up close but for now I'll love you from here

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nicolllle said...
Nov. 30, 2009 at 5:14 pm
I bet a lot of people can relate to this; it's really good.
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