Not Fast Enough

November 6, 2009
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You stand alone
And you are frightened to death.
No one is there beside you
To ease your pain.
Your pain and anger has blinded you so,
Cant you see that I care?
It hurts me that it hurts you.
It hurts me that theres nothing I can do.
Youre running away
And youre not coming back.
I searched the dark to find you,
But you just blended right in.
I saw you standing there
And ran to grab your hand.
But it was already too late.
You had already left this world.
You had already left me.
So I just held you in my arms,
Held you like Id never held you before
And told you all the things
I never got a chance to tell you.
You left this world in a hurry.
You left me in a hurry.
You said nobody would care
But you were wrong.
Youve left this world
And now you dont feel a thing.
But all that pain you used to feel,
All got left behind
In the hearts of the ones not fast enough.

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