November 6, 2009
By <3inablender SILVER, Center Valley, Pennsylvania
<3inablender SILVER, Center Valley, Pennsylvania
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I am greatly appreciative of feedback from people. It means a lot to me to know that what I have to say is actually worth a damn; to someone other than myself. And that my voice, screaming like hell, actually was heard when I feel like it's not heard.

The world is blind
To It's own self destruction.
Our hands, outstretched,
They guide us through
This never-ending night.
If we never learn
To open our eyes,
How can we expect
To see to change?

When all you see is black,
All you'll ever see is black.

Our eyes are
Only partially open.
We barely see the light.
But we still know
That it's there.
But instead of reaching for it,
We bury ourselves back into
The never-ending night.

We can't see the damage
That's being done.
But we feel the pain
When we know
That something's not right.
We feel pain,
Because we know it can be stopped
If we just open our eyes.

When all you see is black.
All you'll ever see is black.
How can we expect
To see change,
If we never learn
To open our eyes.
Just open your eyes.

The author's comments:
The world sees but enough to call it seeing. We need a change and everyone is either too blind or too dumb to see it.

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