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alone together

November 6, 2009
By ChrisAMoore PLATINUM, Saint Augustine, Florida
ChrisAMoore PLATINUM, Saint Augustine, Florida
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Hey guys I have old work on this profile, but I stopped for about two years now. I got back into it now because I found that art and expression is me. So I hope you like the things I post from now on more lol

It started off
As unexpected
Barely anything
Was even said

But then I asked
Fur us to be alone
At first
No feelings were shown

But then a smile
An entrance to the unknown
And the secrets
We both already know

I saw the twinkle
In your eyes
Then a stare of meaning
No wrong or lies

You open up
And I come in
It happened slowly
But it was done in the end

You come close
Then wait
Then come closer
I stay

Her eyes move
To my lips
She strokes my chin
With her finger tip

Her warm breath
On my face
Reminding me of
Our good days

(it)fills me deep inside
It makes me wanna be
A better guy
I want her to see

So I decide
You and me
Its no coincidence
Its meant to be

Though unexpected
Our love was shown
All it needed
(was for)us to be alone....


The author's comments:
yeah..this poem is now not for carlee...i tried deleting it bcuzz it caused a littlwe confusion..but..i couldnt so i kept it on....soo nowww i copied it..and redid it here..just not for her...i have nothing for her anymore...i now love like
more then i ever have befor ein my life...caroline__*(e eu to falando verdade realmente t amo mais que tudo na minha vida amooor)

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on Feb. 28 2011 at 4:41 pm
LovelyMiss GOLD, Floresville, Texas
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How will I ever become a good a writter as u? :) my god I love reading from a guys points of view it just makes me smile hearing it from a guy than a girl because you expect that from us u know! Then when it's from ur perspective it's like woah! Amazing!!

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