in the hands of fate

November 6, 2009
By silver_tear_drops GOLD, Muskegon, Michigan
silver_tear_drops GOLD, Muskegon, Michigan
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one day you might see all the pain you brought me and how i loved you still ~Faith Frye~

a soft child caught in the hands of fate.

she's always getting yelled at

for something she didn't do

she just needs some one to hold her

someone to love her

she needs someone in her life to show her love for once

she needs someone who wont turn their back in hard times

instead she gets beat on and hit and pushed till she breaks

she cant take this any more

she wants just a little respect

all she gets is a slap in the face and told your just a kid

all her hope

all her dream

slowly start to fade

how could she ever do them.

now she curls up in the corner

this little girl lies

waiting for it all to be over

but as if just to mocked her she is forced to go on

she lives her life.

full of pain and woe

pressing on to get threw the pain

wanting every second to just be out be gone

so here she is back in her corner... crying

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