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November 6, 2009
By silver_tear_drops GOLD, Muskegon, Michigan
silver_tear_drops GOLD, Muskegon, Michigan
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one day you might see all the pain you brought me and how i loved you still ~Faith Frye~

i once knew a girl who was strong, beautiful, respected, and loved. whe seem to have it all put together. everything was under control. but now she is overwhelmed but pain and suffering. with no one to turn to and no were to go . she was dragged down and beatin by the world. she was rejected, prosecuted, abused and hurt. people would always tell her to "hang in there" "be strong" she thought "with this world around me?" she finds its hard everyday to put up with these people mocking her and cursing her. she wonders "what did i do?" no answers come she is left wait and wondering, thinking, hoping, wishing, that someone would come and show her love. then he broke threw the scoffers. he walks up and holds her. he holds her head up when she just wants to die. his love is so abundant she knows it will never leave. she finds strength in his love she presses on she has found a love with no end. i step back and look over the last 6 months and realizes the girl i had seen was me.

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