November 5, 2009
By nette2010 BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
nette2010 BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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"with writing as m release i have avoided the nut house.lol"

I have grown to hate this place that I call home
It become a death trap
I guess that’s why they call it killa city
My home has become the reason for murder rate
The reason why teens can’t stay alive
older than seventeen
No role models
Just these gangsters, thugs, wannabes
Bringing back the past
Why don’t they get it through their head
That gangs are over
So why do they try to revive them
Why die over some numbers
And whatever they do with their fingers
Proving statistics to be true
Letting gang activities come before
School activities
Being able to get a tear drop
Before your diploma
Repping sets before standing tall
Goals are to kill them before they kill us
No matter the scene
This place that I call home
Is no home for the kids anymore
Their parks have become a place to chill
Groups of them like it right
Promoting violence
And when did it becomes the kids choice
Whether or not the wanted to go to school
When did parents lose their backbones?
This place that I call home
Is no home at all
Just a place that happens to be their
Falling off the map day by day
Taking lives, little boys minds, and,
Young ladies innocents
Grabbing civilization by the neck and
Choking it to death
This place that I call home
Environment is so wrong
Mother earth comes to tears
Producing rain that fails to
Wash the insanity away
I don’t think that when god created earth
He intended it to turn out this way
In fact sometimes I think that my home was
Blueprinted from the other side
Please my fellow KCMO people
Don’t take offense to my words
It just that the pain inflicted in this poem
Is coming from these streets of our hometown
Because that man shot to death in his car
On sixty six and Monroe
Was my uncle
And two out of five of my brothers
Are claiming these corners
And those ladies giving up their innocents
Like its candy are my friends
Don’t take it personal
Just take it in
I’m tired the downing of
Kansas City just like you
But how do you expect me
To take up for Kansas City
When our representation
Is so jacked up
When what is said is true
When will our people open up their eyes?
Face reality and stop blaming
And start doing for our home
Kansas City what are we going to do
The solution lies in the mind of you

The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this poem is kanasas city mo. this town that i live in has so much to offer but shows little of it. we have talent leaders but the bad overshadows. experience in the hurt is the inspiration for this poem

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