November 5, 2009
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I saw her.

I saw how pretty she is...

how much prettier she is than I am.

I guess she knew who I was,

because she smiled at me...pityingly.

I wanted to punch her face in...

but my knees buckled when I saw you walking next to her.

I ran into the nearby store.

And I hid.

I don't think I was hiding from you.

I think I was hiding more from myself.

Or maybe from her...

Did you know, that when you break a girl's heart...

it never fully heals?

And that every time she thinks about you, or sees you...

the wound becomes fresh again?

And that when she cries

her tears could make an 8th ocean?

Would you ever do that to her?

In any case, I hope that my tears

are worth it...

I hope that you're happy with her.

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