Chocolate-Covered Deceit

November 5, 2009
By , Windermere, FL
“Please take the blindfold off.”
For so long my eyes have been masked by the misperceptions of the world.
The walls have become a hindrance around me
And they continue to escalate.
I can’t keep the voices from filling my thoughts,
The words they have spoken indirectly,
Not with their lips but with their eyes.
I cover my ears and beg not to hear these dreadful sounds anymore,
Those that tell me I am not good enough,
Who am I to try?
I will not succeed.
As the lies continue to deepen the chasm in my aching heart,
I struggle to avoid succumbing to their mistrustful language.
The only words that consist of this language are negative;
They tell me who I am to be and everything I am not.
Everyday I battle,
My courage leading the ranks,
And I combat the filthy words they speak of.
“give up,” they cry, “for you will never be strong enough to fight us off.”
But I was. I am.
With swipes of my sword,
I scream at them to let me be.
This is enough, and my battle is ceased.
But once again, they return.
They are swifter and more fierce than I remembered.
On I fight,
For they shall never be victorious.
I feel myself waning, though,
For their intentions are hidden,
Chocolate-covered deceit.
I stumble,
But again I stand.
I expose them for what they are and become,
Once again,
The victor.
I have fought with the falsehood of the world,
And of many around me.
I have battled with mild depression hidden inside
And the complete loss of self-esteem.
Victorious am I, forever. Never again will I let their deceit fool me.
Never again will I be sucked into the whirl-wind of mistrust and despair.
For it is I who was the victor, who will forever be the conqueror.

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