November 5, 2009
By Anonymous

Superstars are tiny dots on the surface of forever,
Burn brightly, but you’ll soon fade from my vision.
Blind me, quickly, lovingly,
Enchant me with that honey voice.
Feel the desperation as tears, cascade down my cheeks.
Peppermint breath, so sweet,
Your faithless words are bitter on everyone’s tongues.
Your lips taste the way sandpaper feels on chapped lips.
Justin, walk into Staples Center thinking of me.
Don’t enchant me, your voice cracks.
The feel of icy wind,
On my face awakens me.
Because I was sleepy and had sleepy hair.
Was I out of line?
Did I say something way to honest, made you run and hide?
Well, did I?
The boiling blood of forgetfulness,
Were as sharp as my brain on a Monday morning.
I let go,
And fell into a chocolate concoction.
Just me, reaching for the unreachable.
Later she’ll see that everything was there already.
Skinny songs darting around,
You have to hear it to see that they’ll never be real.
Gen wo lai ba xiao mei mei...
Watch the ground walk out from under me,
Taking me towards the unknown,
As his overdone voice sweeps over everything,
Erasing the memories that may one day harm him.

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