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November 5, 2009
By , south hempstead, NY
Like a flower your touch is sweet and soft,
You deliver a beautiful blessing no bigger than a loaf of bread.
Is all I need to have a joy in my spirit,
That homemade cooking that scent of macaroni and turkey that is all so good-looking,
That’s all I need to have a stomach full and a face of smiles.
To see my child sleep so soundly, in the worse of storms,
To see my kids to go to the best school for knowledge,
So they can want more for their kids.
Is all I need, for me to say to someone, this is the land of opportunity,
Yes sir, indeed this is the land of the free.
But I won’t get that today,
No, not me.
My dream is lost.
To a rich man’s conservative greed.

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