November 5, 2009
By Dougie Vallar BRONZE, Bedford Hills, New York
Dougie Vallar BRONZE, Bedford Hills, New York
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The players walk onto the field,
With a hint of nervousness in their eyes,
But ready to strike.
The referee puts the ball down,
And steps back.
The team with the ball steps forward and waits
For the whistle.
The referee raises his arm, brings the
Small black whistle to his mouth and
Blows with great force.

The Ball is tapped forward,
And played.
The ball swings to the outside wing,
Where the left mid-fielder bring it forward,
Looking up, to see where his team is.
He brings it to the corner where
He slows down, taps the ball forward,
And runs on and serves a high lofting cross
into the penalty box.
The ball soars, laughing at the defenders
As it flies over their heads and onto
The striker’s head.
The ball rebounds off the head,
And past the diving goalie into
The back of the net.

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