Why Doesn't He Love me?

November 5, 2009
By Anonymous

Why doesn't he love me?
I want him so bad...
All the love I give
It's hurts so bad
I wish he could see
how he's killing me
but he sits
and he talks
and he laughs
and I still love it

He sits across from me
and stares right at me
Can't he see?
I'm in so much pain
but there's nothing he can do
he just sits there and laughs
and jokes along with me
as I hide all my pain
he would only think i'm a freak
but why?
why can't he see what he's done to me?
He's put in a spell and he broke me
he made my heart cold
he made me cry alone at night
wishing he was there with me

i love him so much and i wish he were here
but he's not
he's of with his friends
and the girls who he thinks are pretty

Why doesn't he love me?

The author's comments:
This guy (Who i won't say) is the most beautiful guy in the world and he only sees me as a friend

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