Ode to America

November 5, 2009
By CletusTheCool GOLD, Bolingbrook, Illinois
CletusTheCool GOLD, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Great wisdom always encounters violent opposition from mediocre minds.."
"Evil is always unspectacular. Evil sits at our table. Evil eats our food."

Oh America! I am just so proud
Red, white and blue.
Stars and stripes!
War, crime, loyalty, pride.
Torture, lies, beauty and pie.

Bloodshed is our game
We play it with no shame
Your life you will someday lay
Because that is the American way
America has to be number one,
When all these wars
are finally done.
Torture we have come to love
A heart, a cross, a flower, a dove
These things we used to cherish
But now they have somehow perished.

Crime was our biggest fear
Now we don't shed a tear
Morals, ethics no longer exist
We punched them out with bloodied
Murder, rape, and drugs too
All that's said is,
"There's nothing we can do."
As Americans, we use our crimes
for fun
We're in a world, where we all own
a gun
Our jails and prisons are filled up now
Don't dare and ask me, how.

Loyalty to a world
Loyalty to the man who gives you
your "hit"
Loyalty to your marvelous dad
Because to you, molesting isn't
that bad
Loyalty to your government
Where murder and crime came and went
Loyalty to one great man
Even though he "slipped his hand"
Loyal to yourself?
But you're covered with the same filth.

Pride is where our issues stem
To proud to say sorry to them
Our mistakes are covered with anger and hate
Someday hell will be our fate
To proud to admit we are wrong
To proud to give up our bong
We just can't seem too small
We're America, we must stand up tall!
Pride is why we abuse
But don't use it as an excuse

Torture is our greatest joy
We turn a man into a little boy
Our pleasure comes from your pain
Because secrets, secrets we have to gain
Verbal, emotional, mental, physical
Without this torture, our lives are dull
Some of us wake up and try to cure AIDS
But torture doesn't take decades
We can't show any mercy
For number one, we have to be worthy

Lies can be seen anywhere
But not many people even care
Open your ignorant eyes
If not, who else will die?
Lying about all our sins
That way, America wins
Lying isn't considered bad
It's become quite the fad
Our mouths are filled with another lie
Our own lies, we have become to buy.

America, and our nasty pies.

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