November 5, 2009
It made its way from war, the foul creature has
Falling to earth from unknown worlds, systems enigmatic
Destruction it has sewn, an evil blemish upon earth’s face
Creating the land of dying stars, a trackless waste

Men of a mortal nature, death of a fiend upon the conscience
Come forth, intent to destroy the one who destroys
Only to be broken down again and again
Foolish Icarus also flew close to the hot sun
The armies are dumfounded, no weapon phases the beast
Such is the nature of humanity

Yet, as all things, something is always hidden
And as all things, it is most certainly vulnerability
And as all things, vulnerabilities will eventually be exploited
In some way or another
Such is the nature of humanity

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CletusTheCool said...
Dec. 4, 2009 at 7:44 pm
Well, this is amazing.
I don't want to say I know what you're writing about.. because all poetry is personal
But this poem is honest and telling
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