November 5, 2009
We are so busy
With our daily lives.
Every day,
A discipline.
Everyone is so focused
On what’s in the past,
That we don’t stop and think:
Days go by
Like petals
On a fast-flowing river.
Can’t we just stop,
Pick one up,
And observe its beauty?
The moments are so delicate,
So intricate,
With different shapes and colors.
Can’t we help but appreciate
Each one
For its true value?

Yes, we live our lives,
But do we truly regard them?

Some moments in life
Are wisps in a storm.
When we stop and look closer,
We can see the meaning
Through their subtlety.
They have the answers
We have been searching so hard to find.
And yet,
They are right in front of us.
We just have to listen.

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