The sky

November 5, 2009
By Anonymous

The Sky

Have you ever taken a look at the sky?
The beautiful clouds swimming as if they were in the ocean,
The wonderful hues of blue meshing together in a beautiful pattern

Have you ever taken a look at the sky?
Has your creativity ever soared while looking up?
Well mine has,
And it often does

When I look at the sky, I feel life, energy, and soul.
It gives me the creativity that I need to draw, photograph, and write
The warmth on my skin and the coolness on my face
The grass as prickly as little shards

My creativity really peaks in the rain
Have you ever gone and stood outside in the rain?
It’s cool and refreshing, yet slightly harmful to your health
The soft pit pats of the raindrops on your forehead

I love to stand outside and look up
Just the other day I saw the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen before
the colors of the spectrum shimmering as the sky rained down upon the earth
Filling my heart with Technicolor

This is my creativity
This is my fantasy
And the sky is my soul

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