November 5, 2009
By .meghan. BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
.meghan. BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
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Sometimes I think.

I grasp the thought of us,
We were so special,
You and I.

I kind of smirk at myself.
Then the thought of you and her instantly came to mind and ruined it.
The fact I had to see it is the worst.
Your such a slut.
I yanked my hair, and slowly pushed my finger
down my aching throat.
The blood and over processed food, came up quite easily.
Then, I hit myself over and over…thinking…
Why? Why? Why?
I enjoyed the pain to make the thought of you go away.
I just wanted to fall asleep and never wake up again.
You bastard.
You made me a pathetic loser.
Well awe, I hope you and that disgusting whore
will live happily ever after.
Your just sick.
Plain sick.
I clench my fist.
Closed my tired eyes,
Shut down my hatred mind,
And yelled.
I wish you could actually hear me,
You were the one, who created this hell hole,
So end it, come on.
Be the man that you truly aren’t.
I needed you…
But I came the realization I am better then you.
Never again,
Shall I be held in your arms.


The author's comments:
This poem is about a boyfriend cheating on his girlfriend and how she reacts to it.

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