November 5, 2009

You started out with nothing
And suddenly you’ve everything
Just like magic
A snap of your fingers
And everybody knows your name
Calling and calling
The phone wont stop ringing
Mom just laughs
Says something about how beautiful you are
And now you have the chance to change your life

You forget all you learned
Forget what mama taught you
doesn’t matter
At least not today

Cuz today you’re acting like you’ve got no morals
Life’s one big party
You let them push you around tell you who you were supposed to be
Why didn’t you listen to me?
You knew it was wrong
All along
You’re not even sorry now
But it’s not too late to let it go
If you jump now you know
Remember how life used to be
don’t forget about me

Now it rains all the time
Mom’s hoping for a drop of sunshine, to see the girl you used to be
But all you know are cloudy days and stormy nights
The phones not ringing anymore
Mom just shake her head and says something about how beautiful you were
You took the chance to change your life
Cuz you said you could do what you wanted to do
You didn’t need us anyway

You made all the right mistakes to end up where you are now
Are you sorry now?
Life may be one big party
Big hangover comes in the morning
Say, its good to be home, but you cant let go of where you’ve been
You can let go
Just wanted to let you know

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