To Her New Boyfriend

November 5, 2009
You say to me, on the phone:
“She's my new girlfriend
Yes, of course I love her!”
And I know I nearly go too far,
In asking how you act to her.
But my love is much deeper than your's,
So there's no way you can know why.
You've cared for her for a few meager weeks.
My love extends for lifetimes.
Far before even she cared for me
Back as children raised together.
I was her mother when her
Mother wouldn't listen to her
I was her father when
He cursed and threw her out.

And you say you know her?
Well, I haven't seen her in weeks
But I still know more of her then you ever will.
I know her past as if I'd lived it.
Her favorite color, her desired future
How many boys she crushed on before you
And how long it took before they made her cry.
And I know her darker, darkest secrets
We shared our lives on weekend sleepovers
On walks to class together
She reigns on my mind
Although she's miles away from me.

I would gladly sacrifice myself for her
Suffer death, torture, anything
All in order to keep her from pain again.
I realized this so long ago.
My childhood twisted around her.
When others mocked me,
I didn't matter,
But her words ripped like fire through me.
But I would take that any day!
Just to hear her again
See her happy again.
Our phone calls are like hours
That seem like seconds.

So you say you love her?
You know nothing of her.
Of how she's bipolar
How it nearly made me suicidal.
When she ran away
But came back sorry, in tears
Though her parents didn't deserve it.

So I'll her her away
My best, dearest friend
To you, since you make her happy.
But woe to the one who makes
Her shed another tear!
And breaks her heart again.
Because then he breaks my heart as well.

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