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November 5, 2009
By jeanines GOLD, Stony Point, New York
jeanines GOLD, Stony Point, New York
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"the only thing to fear, is fear itself."- theodore roosevelt

At this point we just lost our childhood home
My dad brought a gas station upstate
Along with it came his new house

And for the first time in a while everybody was together
Even my mother
We were all having our usual family fun
Telling jokes and making every one laugh

Then my sister took out her camera
So we started taking pictures
And of course we included our favorite family member
My little dog
His name was buttons

And in one moment we caught him licking his mushroom shaped nose
We thought it was the cutest thing because it was
Just a small little thing that he always did but we somehow never noticed
The curl in his tongue

Later we went to a local pumpkin patch
We had the greatest time
Picking out small ones, and broken ones, and the ones that nobody would pick

But even though we only lived upstate for year
We also lost that house
My dad moved back down to Rockland
And where he moved it turned out he couldn’t have dogs
And my mother never being an animal lover
Would only keep my buttons for a short while

So one day I came back from school and he was gone
When I got to the dog pound to say goodbye
Someone already adopted him

To this day I don’t know where he is.

The author's comments:
what inspired me was my love for my dog. and how much i miss everything.

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