Flowing Red Streams

November 5, 2009
Blood drips out of the open wound, my heart and soul my vitals slit open,
Your words a knife to my skin, inflicts permanent damage cannot be mended,
The glass now that’s a different story, a tale of screwed up thoughts and emotions.
A story told by multiple scars, it’s my comfort my sanity.

You wouldn’t understand you don’t know the reasoning the logic,
My brain processes… only pain and negativity cloud my thoughts,
Happiness like sunshine in my life that cannot shine through,
It burns like rays burn the skin, anything good rebounds like a trampoline.

It falls off the edge; I’ve fallen of the edge I got too close freefalling into the unknown,
No one there to catch me I come crashing down to earth,
It hits hard no soft landing to break the fall, just the cold hard truth to greet you,
You black out to the world, and then you realize you’re all alone,

And the voices are in your head driving you crazy, telling you to get revenge,
You try not to listen to them they’re bad. Do it! Kill them..!
You used to wish for a window let it go coz it stops you aiming too high.
You wished for a door; locked. People cannot get in but u can’t get out.

In the end left screaming for help you think of your options,
Die in there or break down the door, run free no longer trapped,
Sit on a park bench and feed the pigeons
Be happy!

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