November 4, 2009
By Elizabeth-Rose BRONZE, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Elizabeth-Rose BRONZE, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
I'm awkward like a baby giraffe.

Today, a little boy hovered in a dirty alley.

Today, the dirt compacted just a tad bit more
like maybe, possibly, the world is

in the process of shrinking.

Today, a child held a daisy bouquet in her trembling hands,
as a forgotten one wilted in the grass

Yesterday, a dirty girl drug a stick along an iron fence,
and her hands shook and quaked with vibrato and deciet.

Yesterday, a spotted dog splashed through a puddle,
left a faint mudprint trail
until no more was mud left on his calloused paw.

Yesterday, a sobbing teen slouched on a park bench,
and people scurried by.

Yesteryear, a woman smiled with bliss,

and I caught it on film.

Tomorrow, a baby will scream with hunger.

Tomorrow, a mother will face the world on her own,

as children hide behind her legs.

Tomorrow, I will continue on my way.

The author's comments:
We whine about injustice and inequality. But we don't try to change it, we just whine, and feel bad for ourselves.

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