Forever Mine, Forever Ours

November 4, 2009
By jacob134679 BRONZE, Shingletown, California
jacob134679 BRONZE, Shingletown, California
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"All men die, but not all truly live" By: William Wallace

I stand in that of darkness, in the shadows of pain and woe. Listening to the screams of innocence, I try to keep in the tears. Misery forecomes my heart, deminishing it to the raw.
Fore what am I to do when the world cries my pain, and still they speak of only lies. Taking out the blood stained knife I enflict my skin, letting loose the sins of pain. Watching the blood wander from the warmth of my veins, I call out for you, to heede my cries, to lessen my dread. My love, can't you see, the world is ours, but how can i claim all, when I cannot claim you. I only wish to hold your heart as if it were mine, for you to burry yourself within my arms, and you to be forever mine. Take my hand, love, and the world shall be forever ours..........

The author's comments:
At times i sit and think of things, who knows what, and i use my pen as a way of letting those thoughts out...and this is what they become

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