"Where I'm From"

November 4, 2009
I am from Missouri,
Rolling hills and seas of grass.
Seasonal changing,
The four most colorful
Times of the year.

Three months later…

I am from California,
An ocean beyond the eye can see.
Learning to boogie-board,
The taste of salt water remains
In my mouth.

Three months later…

I am from a woman
Who does not give two
About her children.
Drugs, money, and a different
Man everyday of the week.

I am from a man
Who worked his *** off for the U.S. Army;
Of which I own the triangular
Red, white, and blue haunted flag.

Two weeks later…

I am from Missouri,
A place I once called “home.”
Wandering the streets at night,
Searching for food, bed, and a roof
Over my head.

I am from a place where drugs
Were my only way out.
Inhaling the white powder,
Making memories and pain disappear.

One month later…

I am from a mother,
Who is now dead,
Not a drop to be shed
On her grave.

Three weeks later…

I am from Arizona,
Where I feel loved.
I feel safe, warm, and
As free as a butterfly.

I am from a family of new,
Strange names.
I am from chances of life
That were never discovered.
I am from learning to deal
With responsibilities that were
Never asked of me before.

Present day…

I was from a family where living a lie
Was required. Now I am from a family
Where I am free to speak my mind.

I am from Arizona,
Here I have a “soon-to-be.”
Wearing my ring shows me
A new sense of love, respect,
Loyalty, honor, and commitments.

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