November 4, 2009
It’s amazing how
Food can bring back memories.
The soft, delicate taste
Of a cookie
Recalls your childhood:
The milk-chocolate sensation
Of discovering the world;
The sugar-sweet emotion
Of love and joy.

From the bitterness of a lemon,
You can see
A loved one, lost.
How despaired you felt,
How sour the world seemed.
The color of it reminds you
Of their dress
While it rained;
As if they were trying to contradict
The dark clouds.
Despite being years ago,
You can still smell the burning wax of candles,
Mingled with maroon rose petals
As though it happened yesterday.

Taste is the portal to memories,
Like your own personal scrap book.
And every time you try something new,
The memory stays with you forever.

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