Oh how I hate and Love that name

August 23, 2009
By Aloravana PLATINUM, Wakonda, South Dakota
Aloravana PLATINUM, Wakonda, South Dakota
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I don't care about what people say I don't have time to waste to try to please them.

You were my greatest enemy and I was supposed to detest you, hate you in every single way.
You tore the poor boys' heart out when you did that to your family. You destroyed all of his hopes and dreams.
You made him die in the heart now he lives a unhonorable and uninhabitable life.
Yet I can't get you and your voice out of my head.
I dream unwantable dreams yet they are as addicting as a pack of heroin to anybody.
The way you say my name in the dark as you look at me with those unfathomable depths of eyes.
The way you caressed my hands when you tied the rope around me when I was walking down the deathly quiet street.
The way your name rolls of my tougne in a desperate search for you in an inevitable lust drive.
Now here in you iron clad hold of arms snaked around me in arousing suggestion.
I have just lost control of myself and you take advantage of that in a vile way.
Now I scream in an unwanted yet desiring voice: your name.
Oh how I hate and love that name of yours.

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