Heartbreak Singing

November 4, 2009
By , Cypress, TX
One sunny day at the seashore,
Elizabeth came to sing,
To sing to the sea, sun, and sky,
She was said to have a gorgeous smiling singing voice.

Today was not a smiling day though,
Full of sorrow and sadness
She sang to the one she loved,
But never would he notice.

A little time back – about a day or two ago,
Robert Rogers opened the door to her,
“Hi,” she breathed to him,
He returned with, “Um… hi?”

Robert had to end it when Elizabeth said,
“I love you Robert,”
His face full of disgust, he said,
“I don’t love you and I never will!”

Elizabeth fled far from there,
She scurried to the mall,
But her first date was there,
So she ran to the beach.

Her comfort was there with the seagulls,
Seashells, and sand, but there was another person,
A boy with short blond hair,
He was observing her.

Being terrified of heartbreak,
She avoided him, but mystery boy
Wandered about two yards away from her,
She heard that he too was singing.

He had an alluring voice that matched hers,
They met in the middle and sang,
Sang to their heart’s content,
And left softly singing sweetly hand in hand.

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