Pits of Despair

November 3, 2009
By joslin prestage BRONZE, Wolfforth, Texas
joslin prestage BRONZE, Wolfforth, Texas
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In the Pits or Despair
love not wanting
trying to escape the pain
wrists are freshly cut and raw
wishing you were not alive
wanting go curl up in a corner and cry
hope floats away
life not worth living
faith is slipping
try to grab an invisible rope off your neck
desparatly reaching for peace
bright lights turn to pitch black
darkeness makes it hard to breathe
you try and take in air but find it difficult
falling into a bottomless pit
wishing you had a purpose to keep living
hearts screaming in pain as they are ripped apart
you wake up on your bed sceaming and never forgetting what you saw or what you heard and what yo felt.

The author's comments:
In English class we were doing a free write poem and so i wrote this poem just as someone else might feel. Although i got sent to the counsoler i think it is really good.

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