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November 3, 2009
It isn't a surprise as to why
Why I met you, why I need you
Why my heart races, why I love you
It was fate

It started fast, pacing forward quickly
As if it would never reach its' end
Suddenly the spark blew out
As if you were to blow out a candle

Why?- It was fate
The kind no one wanted
Rejected, alone, unheard of or seen

It isn't a surprise as to why I still yearn
Yearning for you, our past, our moments
But this time it isn't fate;
Its' hurt

Mental, physical, every kind of hurt
All together and all because of you
You had my heart in the palm of your hand
Why did you let go?

You once held it so firmly
So strong, so perfectly
It once bulged with life

Now, your grip is less tight
It beats less often
Slowly stopping

Now I'm gone
I should be asking why you did it
But instead
I ask what I did to lose you

Thus is no longer fate
My love,
For this,
This is horrid torture

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