Is it ever so true, darling?

November 3, 2009
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can it be so true,
that it's sitting
right there on your
lips? could it be
so obvious, that i
never noticed it?
something's burning
in your chest, but
it's not your heart
beneath your breast,
i thought i saw a
flicker of sunshine
in your eyes, but
perhaps it was just
the reflection coming
from mine, it could've
happened the way i
imagined it to be, but
then i guess, i'll
never know for sure;
you say you loved me,
but the feeling wasn't
pure - i can say you've
lied - but does the
truth really matter
anymore? now that
you're gone - i realized
it was a love that could
not have endured;
too much love makes for
too much pain - the more
love there is - the further
we stray from sane - passion
too strong only weakens
the heart - children in
love will always grow
apart - the ties are broken
by the ugliness of youth -
though the emotion was
genuine - time is much more
powerful than simple truth.

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