Silly Girl

November 3, 2009
Eyes deeper than the sea
and hair I was just wanna
sweep my fingers through
What choice did I have
not to fall this hard?

Every song reminds me of him
and I'm losing sleep over
what to do to make him see
I can be as good as she.

My friends think I'm crazy
obsessing the way I do
Sometimes I think it too
but then he'll say my name

For the first time
in so many days
and my heart will beat a little harder,
my head will feel a little lighter,
until I'm floating in the sky.

I memorize
every word he says and
when I'm feeling down,
nothing can bring me up
like the sound of his laughter
and the way it fills the whole room.

And when he's not here,
there's a whole in my stomach
that just won't go away
and I know I'm stupid,
this is pointless,
I'll never be the girl he wants

Until I hear him say my name,
in the most innocent of ways,
and I'm back at the beginning
just a silly girl
with a hopeless crush
on a beautiful boy

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mang9believe said...
Dec. 1, 2009 at 10:40 pm
I like your poem alot it is very well written.
writerxchicx replied...
Dec. 3, 2009 at 12:59 pm
thank you. :)
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