November 3, 2009
By kitty_kat SILVER, Rockport, Texas
kitty_kat SILVER, Rockport, Texas
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I love him
I really do
is it so wrong of me
to actually know
for once
what i want
is it bad
that I want to
spend all my time
with him
that I want
to hold him
in my arms
and never let go
that I want to
push him up
against a wall
and kiss him
till I run out of air
till I stop breathing
till he finally
lets me go
and are bodies
and we walk
to a new place
to a new time
back in his car
we go
we leave this
horrid town
we get out
of here
we go back
to his house
and i don't leave
his arms
till i have to leave
the next time
I see him
I run up to him
and jump in his arms'
and kiss slowly
he puts me down
and were off again
to god knows were
to do god knows what

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