loss and love

November 3, 2009
The darkness seems to take control,
leaves no place left to hide.
The pain, the hurt, it seems so strong,
takes over from inside.

So easy to just give it up,
you can’t fall if you never fly.
Great achievements are so far away,
why should we even try?

Pain and loss are always there,
lurking ‘round each bend.
So what you have to ask yourself-
is it worth it in the end?

Is the fierce rush of pride,
when you finally reach the top.
Worth the chance of heartache,
if you take too large a drop?

Pain and loss will come, it’s true,
darkness has to show.
But without the down among the up,
we never truly grow.

Losses come, they can’t be stopped-
no one keeps it all.
Hold dear things within your heart,
take care they never fall.

Live every moment in the now,
as if it were your last.
‘Tis a horrid thing to look back,
to find you’re living for the past.

Would you give up living,
just for fear of sorrow?
Remember that, while there is pain,
A new day comes tomorrow.

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