The Darkness

November 2, 2009
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I’m falling.
Down into the darkness.
I can’t see anything.
Everything is pitch black.
My powers don’t even exist in this world.
No matter what I try, nothing will work.
I can’t even summon my staff.
My feelings begin to flow out.
I’m sorry.
But what am I sorry about?
I love you.
But who do I love?
I hate you.
But who do I hate?
I can’t control my moments anymore.
My arms stretch out in front and I plead for help.
But who do I want help from?
Tears flow out of my eyes.
I can no longer speak.
The feeling of falling becomes worse.
I lose hope.
I become detached from the world.
Above me I see a pair of wings.
They’re not pure white but silver.
The feeling of falling disappears and a new feeling comes.
The feeling of being rescued.
“How many times do I need to rescue you?” the girl asks.
“As many times as it takes.” I reply back with a smile.
She hits me on the head and calls me an idiot.
And I embrace her.
I never want this feeling to go away.

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