I Run

November 2, 2009
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I run.
That’s what I have to do.
I have to run.
Cause if I don’t it will catch me.
I will catch me.
And if I catch me, then I will realize what I have done
Realize what my life is really like
Realize what I am missing out on by running
Realize that she is still there, and always will be there
Weather or not I want her there
She will always be there
Standing there with that smirk on her face
That smirk that was always on her face
And I will know
I will know what she is thinking
“I won”
And she’s right
If I stop running, she will win
Win this everlasting war
This war I have surrendered so much to
I can’t let her win
If she wins, she will own me
So I have a choice
I can either live my life on the run
Or stop and surrender to her; myself
I can’t surrender to myself
For if I do
Then I will see all that I hurt
All the damage that I caused
And see my heart smashed into pieces
So, I guess I’ll run
And ever

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