Queen for a day

November 2, 2009
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Cindy and Timmy
Were brother and sister
Cindy being a miss
And Timmy a mister

But Cindy did not like that
She did not want to be plain
She wanted to be Queen
To make the laws, to reign

“If I were Queen for a day
This would be the rule
Kids would be in charge
Adults would attend school

No more dress codes and uniforms
We would wear what we please
Boys would wear cake
And girls would wear cheese

“That doesn’t make sense!”
Timmy cried in dismay
“It doesn’t have to” replied Cindy
“They must do what I say!”

And with that she continued
With the list of her laws
“From now on everyone
Must drink with pink straws”

“They will walk on their hands
And eat with their feet
Everything would be messy
Not one room would be neat

The fish would all fly
The birds would all swim
People would walk backwards
And it would all be at my whim

Up would be down
And down would be up
We would put soup on our plates
And our food in a cup

I would live in a castle
Colored purple and pink
I’d have every stuffed animal
Which is more than you think!

Nothing will be normal
Not one thing the same
No plants, food, countries
Or even our games

The streets would be crooked
Not one of them straight
Upside-down, right side up
Wouldn’t that be great?

“What do you think Timmy?
Of your new queen’s decree
Do you think it is good?
Well? Do you agree?”

“I think that”
Timmy said
“You’re out of your mind
You’re losing your head!”

Cindy held her nose high
She did not agree
“What do you know?” she asked
“Your so little, Timmy”

“Being little is great
I like it a lot
We have a lot of sense
More than you’ve got”

Cindy stamped her foot
And her face got hot
“Well I am queen
Whether you like it or not!”

“Do you think
You could be better than me?
Well? Do you?
Let’s hear your story!

“Well if you want” said Timmy
And with no delay
He started his story
“If I were king for a day”

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