November 2, 2009
I drove alone that night
wrecklessly towards a dream
that I knew would never come true
but I had slim hope
and a slight smile
and an attitude
which caused me not to care
about whos way I got in.
I just cared
about getting there
finding you.
Stop signs,
f*** them.
Red lights,
just go through them.
Solid lines,
I laugh in your face.
Slow drivers,
around I go.
A dream I wanted so bad
I willing
to risk it all
to make it to a place
I knew was false
but my happiness
was hiding there.
Guess what?
I didn't make it there
in the end.
Flashing lights in my
rear view mirror
license and registration please.
Something always
in the way
of my everything.
The only thing I desire;
true happiness.

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