My Favorite Season

November 2, 2009
By coffeenat BRONZE, Lake Forest Park, Washington
coffeenat BRONZE, Lake Forest Park, Washington
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As time creeps on, years speed by
New fresh seasons come and go every year
Every time thinking “this is my favorite season” as I stare into the ever changing sky
Changing my mind every time I turn, thoughts never being quite sincere
Sad and happy to have to say goodbye to the past and not really sure why
Same seasons every year but yet the future still so unclear

The years began in the frost
As the cold air is swirling all around you
The snow leaps and jumps, tossed
In the sky, coming down hard making all things look new
I step outside and my mind gets lost
I run through my fairytale on and on through and through
Fall in the clear, crystal powder, arms waving making snow all embossed
Day speeds up and soon it is at the end cold all over from your hat to your shoes
Run up the hill your body exhaust
Strip off your jackets your lips all blue
Think all that fun was worth the cost
Of being so cold, but you put the tea on a brew
Have a seat at last
Sip all your stew
Now as you defrost
You think is it true
That winter is the season for you

The cold fades away into to the fresh spring air
The flowers start a bloom
Colors sprout up everywhere nothing goes pair
Breathe in the cheer no gloom
Anywhere see new things all things seem to be rare
Sweet perfume
Is all you can smell
You send out a prayer
That spring would stay so there would be no despair
In the morning I wake with the light streaming into my room
And freshness all around as I decide what to wear
Bright colors all around and warm whether so near
You think is it true
That spring is the season for you

Soon summer flies in with its bright sunny days
Freedoms and delights
Think of how the sun sets a blaze
You lay there outside during those warm summer nights
People around seem to go on a craze
Girls in dress so white
Skip on the beach as of in a daze
No waking in the morning and wondering what the day invites
Time freezes between all the summer fun, worry about to delays
You can go to great heights
How I love the no worries about any faze
There always some light
All new ways
Tomorrow will some but tonights
Where all your work and waiting has now pay
Summer will eventually fly away to new sites
Lets hope not soon cause now we sit back, soak in some rays
You think is it true
That summer is the season for you

Fall shoots in relaxing is gone
Time to work, how you dread this every time
Through all that hard work for a small serene moment fill withdrawn
Look out side to the new shades of fall fit together like a rhyme
Flow like a swan
Of course theres no crime
In just wanting to jump in the leaves and not have to move on
Walking in fall’in leaves you stop, everything fits all together into a little song of a chime
You think is it true
That fall is the season for you

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