November 2, 2009
Flying through the midnight sun,
The wings of an eagle,
Piercing through the lucent horizon,
So strong and liberating,
Rescuing the hopeless,
Freeing the slaves from their chains,
Nourishing the weak,
A time when the desert desires the rain,
Hovering above the battlefield,
Tears of sadness and grief,
Cascade onto the fallen,
Hoping to revive them,
In the next lifetime.

Reveal the depth of your virtues and goals,
Your loving heart and soul,
How much pain and destruction,
Can your eyes withstand,
How much tolerance can your mind hold,
Stay with me,
Don't give me the cold shoulder,
Smile for me,
For beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
Grant me the serenity,
A kiss of life,
That blossoms through your eyes,
Even when the light has died,
I hold you in my arms,
Only I have that power,
Peace and love is the charm,
To replenish your emotional armor,
You are not alone,
Surrendering our hearts to one another,
A life-altering milestone,
Now our dreams connect together,
On the bright road that lasts forever.

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