Which Way

November 2, 2009
By Anonymous

I thought I saw the light at the end of the road
I started walking hoping I would get to the end
I get distracted by different things along the way
It seems to be getting closer and closer

There is a fork in the road
Now my decision really matters
Which way should I go?
Will it make that much of a difference?

One path has flowers and lots of colors
It looks very friendly and happy
The other just has tall trees
It’s kind of gloomy and boring

I stop at the fork and stare for a long time
I think about the outcome of each path
Will I regret my choice at the end?

I chose the path with just the trees
Maybe I can bring some life to it
As I walk I seem to near the end
I start to question whether I took the right road

Nothing good nor bad has happened on this trip
But I had some time to think about my decisions in life
I got to the end and everything was still.
I will never know what the other path could have brought
I learned one lesson from this journey

Follow your heart
Don’t always take the same path as everyone else.

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