November 2, 2009
By PoetOfNyx16 SILVER, Port Angeles, Washington
PoetOfNyx16 SILVER, Port Angeles, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"I dont know why I cut myself, god, give me a sign or help, I won't cry it'll be fine, I'll take my last breath, push it out my chest, 'till there's nothing left."

Love is all lost
death creeping closer
my heart is shattering
the shards peircing my lungs
collapsing, I cough up blood
a silent chill sneaks into my skin
rattling me to the bone
shivering, I lay there
taking blow after painful blow
you're the catalyst
causing these suicidal thoughts
an emptiness where my heart was
a void no one can fill
a song left un-sung
words i cannot write
fleeings not ment to be felt
nightmares, so terrifingly beautiful
the only question meant to be answered

The author's comments:
i wrote this along with a couple other pieces after i found out my girlfriend whom i gave my full heart to, cheated on me with my "best friend"

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