dear anonymous

November 2, 2009
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Dear Anonymous,
I really like you, I know your in college, and I really miss you.
90 minutes and a, song ride away.
Caught up in the world, your head growing big.
Two worlds apart, there’s and empty spot on my couch just for you.
I really don’t know what so say, there have been many times I’ve felt hit by a semi and left there till end.
I found you and he were together again and I broke.
You sat next to me and made me laugh.
Mrs. Noticed first second she’d met you that I was in love.
She said my cheeks were flushed with bright pink, and that me being shy hid it, tucked away.
Your mom made me smile very big once she told me that you had talked about me once.
I hid from that fact, I thought I was just no on to you, not noticed.
I’ve always wondered how guys show their true feelings when they are always bottled up.
From that time you got moved behind me, I wanted to get and know you.
I’ve always been afraid and shy to say anything because of the masquerade you use.
I was the little girl, and you were the popular football player.
I was always finding ways to accidentally run into you and see you smile.
After work I’d walk the extra long way just to see if you were home.
The class ended and I’d thought none of us would ever rejoice.
Wrestling rolled around, my dad talked about the potential you had, I giggled.
That one night at Lima, I was shy to be around you.
Everyone else was off doing his or her own thing.
Your mom talked to my dad for hours, it comforted me, soon I’d found out it was me.
I was a foolish girl I was still sought after as a little sister maybe, not a cuddle buddy.
You were the only one I’d every pay attention too.
Those boyfriends were mistakes and I knew it at the time.
Summer cam and I thought I was empty.
Nothing left to look forward to in the morning.
It really sent me over the edge when my best friend messed around with you.
I was called in by a friend, of a friend fearing it all.
I walked saw some familiar faces, it wasn’t bad.
I saw you, my heart sank into my chest, and I tried to hide my smile.
We didn’t really talk; I regret that very much, that summer.
Awaiting the days tat something so bad for happen
You go off, college, meet knew people, girls, not me.
You’re in a world alone, and it fears me.
We don’t talk, see one another, or dream of another.
I guess I was never really perfect enough for you.
That ole miss lied, it wasn’t vibrant pink, it was a cloud of black.
That I slowly began to let go of.
It cant be, I cant, please say something.
You are mute, I am gone
Juliet is alive, Romeo dead.
She took a dagger to her heart that day.

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